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should I buy a JVC 30000 or 40000 ?

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I've been advised that a used JVC DVHS deck is the best way to transfer old flaky VHS tapes to PC. Does this sound accurate? There appear to be lots of 30k and 40k devices for sale on Ebay and I'm considering bidding for one. Hopefully you guys/gals can help me make a good decision. Here are some questions:

1. what is the difference between the 30k and 40k models?

2. is it true that I can enable a TBC function (with either deck) to eliminate vsync errors on old VHS tapes?

3. how difficult is it to capture the MPEG2 stream from the deck? I already have several a/v capture devices for my PC but I'd rather just capture the digital stream to disk.

4. Assuming my info is correct (re VHS playback) does this also enable clean conversion of other analog video sources, e.g. Hi8 camcoder?

Thank you for any information and suggestions!
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Neither. My advice is to get a JVC 5U. I think it is a much better unit than the 30K. You can get a good price on a refurb at ecost.
Thanks, but that's still a LOT more than the 30k and 40k's on Ebay. Remember, I'm not concerned about the HD capabilities, only the analog-to-digital conversion...
Just to show I'm not lazy: I can see from the two models' user manuals that the 40k includes "D-Theatre" and "PCM". Not sure what they mean by that but doesn't sound like it would impact my desired usage?
If these are old (presumably analog) tapes, then having the machine that you use be a D-VHS is not that important. The main criterion is that the machine be a good standard VHS machine.

The 30K and 40K machines do happen to be very good VHS machines so in that sense it would be useful.

I am skeptical of the D-VHS and D-Theatre formats in terms of their on-going utility.
My primary interest in the DVHS machines is their Time Base Corrector circuit. The fact that they also do the a/d conversion is icing. I just want to make sure it all works as I've been told to expect.
Neither. My advice is to get a JVC 5U.
Agreed. I have read too many issues with the first two decks, especially the 30k.
Will a D-VHS deck transfer SD video via firewire? If so, that may be the best method to transfer to PC.
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