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Should I buy Control4 multi-chan? PLS HELP!!!

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I really like control 4 interface for its simplicity and control, but I have heard mixed things about the sound quality of their multi-channel amps. I've already installed C4 light switches and 6-button keypads throughout the apt, as well as their 3.5" color wall-panel in my living room. I'm going to also purchase the 10.5 inch flat-panel remote.

My question is this: if i go with another brand multi-channel amp (happy to hear your thoughts on which), will i lose 2-way functionality to the touch panel/wall panel?? i would think that i would still have 2-way funtionality b/c i'll be going through a C4 media controller either way.

Please let me know.


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To get the best control of the amplifier you would want the C4 amp. The 2 way communication with the controller does more than just show you volume levels. You can easily control the volume that each room comes on at, you can control multiple zones and have them at the same volume, many things.

The amp sounds fine, no different than many other dist. audio amplifiers. The internals are made by D2 as are many other manufacturers digital amp internals.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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