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Should I buy the Extended Warranty

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I have all but decided to buy a Sony 34" XBR910. Should I buy the 5-yr extended warranty with it? It comes with a 2 yr labor and parts, so I only get 3 years with the extended. Although there is some question as to whether the manufacturer's warranty includes in-home service or not. Sales rep says carry-in only. Sony web site says 90 days in home, carry in after that, but only up to a year. Sony on-line live support says carry-in and/or ship. I don't think so for shipping at 300+ lbs. Not that I want to, but I have capability of carry-in to local authorized Sony repair. Real question is do I need the warranty? Are these CRT sets prone to potential problems to make the cost worthwhile?
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Boy, extended warranties are crap shoots...

However, in my experience anything that has to do with newer technology and something that can cost big bucks to replace after the initial warranty expires might need an extended warranty.

It seems that a lot of people are either having tuning problems or mechanical problems when it comes to the HD sets... (Just an observation)

So, if you buy the warranty and the picture isn't what you think it should be, you could probably get a technician over to your house to adjust it... they would chalk it up to a typical service call (I did that with a Sharp 27" flat picture tube t.v. I have)

Also, a year ago last summer I purchased the Phillips Recordable DVD player when they were brand new.... I bought the extended warranty and it paid off...

Alas, after 4 mos of use the DVD recorder kept having problems... bottom line is this, after 3 visits for the same problem (last visit being after initial warranty expired), I was able to pick up the newer model at no expense to me.

Now, HD televisions and DVD recorders are two different things. However, Whatever HD television I buy, I'm buying the extended warranty.

Good Luck
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Plus, whenever I've called sony about a problem they ALWAYS ask if I bought the extended warranty. I've never used it, but they seem to like that you did everything you could on your end to protect yourself. Let me put it this way, if they start giving you any grief about the problem your having, you can always say "hey, I bought the extended warranty to avoid these kinds of issues". What your really saying is "hey, I did my part by buying your TV AND buying the warranty, now fix it".
Thanks for the response--the info helps. I wonder if anybody out there has had experience--good or bad with the on-line extended warranty companies--WarrantybyNet is one that looks good, since it starts after the manufacturer's warranty ends.
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