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Guys, I want your advice for the model Samsung UA40EH6030, is it worth to buy rather buying the latest 2012-2013 series 6? I already googled by web a all the specs and features. It has limited port: 2 HDMI, 1 USB and no optical in, Here in our place they're having an warehouse sale for only $550 with free bluray disk and 2 additional 3d glasses.

Also another promotion the 2013 UA40F6400 - $1010 with free two 3d glasses, bluray player.

I can't decide if I should purchase this tv, having doubts if will supports the HDMI directing on my Denon AVR1312. Also this tv are capable reading 2-4tb external harddrive with power adaptor?

I'm saving money and not spending to much for a tv. I need your opinion guys. Thanks.
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