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I am still using an ancient Yamaha 795a. Its probably more than 15 years old but still works great. No HDMI though.

I was thinking of getting Pioneer VSX-S510 to replace it.

Some of the reasons why I want to change to the Pioneer are -
1. slimmer therefore can fit in my cabinet. my Yamaha sits on the floor currently.
2. the Pioneer comes in White color and it will go well with the rest of my stuff (see pic)
3. HDMIs. Im using optical now but running out of optical ports.
4. New HD sounds. I only get DTS and DD 5.1 from my Yamaha.

My worries is that the Pioneer is under power. I'm using Q-Acoustic 3010 speakers (rated 6 ohms) with a Paradigm PDR-12 sub at the moment. I dont really listen too loud, most of the time I set my volume to 9 or 10 o'clock the most on my Yamaha.

Can somebody take a look at the specs (in the link) and help me compare? Im worried that the slim profile might compromise the sound quality somewhat.

Thank you in advance for any opinions and inputs. Btw slim profile AVR are really difficult to find over here. I know there are others from Marantz and even Yamaha but I cant get them here locally.


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