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I¡¯m new to this forum and in the market for new projector and have searched around this forum and think LT150 can be a good start.

Unfortunately, I couldn¡¯t buy $1,700 - LT150 from Dell because I¡¯m living in Hong Kong (they ship to US only.) http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/frown.gif

My question is that whether I should concern on getting refurbished unit even they said it is new.

Is there any way to distinguish refurbished, B-stock and used projector once I get it? Actually, not familiar with words of ¡°refurbished¡± and ¡°B-stock¡±.

This reply from one MO company when I asked price made me worry about refurbished, B-stock product
Hi Jason,

I seriously doubt that those LT150¡¯s for $22** are new units. They are probably refurbished units. We¡¯ve had some of those, too and that¡¯s what we sold them for. You may want to double check those sites. You can email the link over to me if you like and I¡¯ll check them out. Also, how reputable are these sites? How long have they been around? Do they offer tech support and repair projectors? Do they really know projectors or are they just reading off of a spec sheet?

Look at them a little closer and make sure they aren¡¯t refurbs. BTW, my best price on a new LT150 is $2695 and that includes the free leather carry case, free ground shipping, and if you¡¯re outside of Florida we won¡¯t charge you sales tax. So that would be your ¡°out the door¡± price. Let me know what you find out, okay?
Thanks in advance for your clear answers to my stupid questions.




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