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Should I get a DVI or just component output?

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Hi guys,

Long time reader, very few posts.

I'm trying to get a more definitive answer on this topic. I have just got a new RPTV 57" TV (Sony KV57somethingsomething700) - it's 11 months old, as my father just upgraded to a 61" DLP Samsung and sold me this one for as steal.

The wife and I will be moving into our new place in just over a month so I'd like to get this all hammered down.

The TV (as far as I can remember), has 1 DVI input, and 2 component inputs. I'll likely have an amp in the near future with some form of component switching as well (though my current one does not).

I'll be interested in doing some HTPC stuff, and woudln't mind using the DVI connector for an easy and clean connection from the PC to the computer - but this wouldn't allow me to use a DVI DVD player.

So could someone clarify a couple of things:

a) What would be the best setup for my situation?

b) DVI vs. component - does it really matter?

Thanks in advance,


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Well, to help you make the decision for DVDs, I suggest you go look at the October (I think) issue of Widescreen Review. They had a review of the Bravo D1 in it (the D2 is out in February for $249 list price). However, the reason you should read this review is because of the part of that review that discusses the relative merits of a DVI DVD player for different types of display technologies. I know that DLPs get the most advantage (so getting your dad a DVI output DVD player for his birthday or something is an excellent idea :D).

The computer connection is another matter and depends on what you are going to want to display. I suggest that you go to the HTPC area and ask this question there. Check to see whether or not there are any other connections on the back of the RPTV... I would also be careful about burn-in. It's pretty easy to leave something on the screen and, if the TV isn't calibrated properly, you have a web page on your TV forever...
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