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Should I in-wall or not in-wall? Large loft, nowhere to hide wires.

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I have attached my work in progress new loft we just bought. I have a NEC 6PG, so it is sitting above the kitchen. Ceilings are drywall, so I am not going to risk hanging it. Here is my dilemma: Should I get in-wall speakers right where my track-lights are? Or should I try to somehow try to run wires through the wall and put speakers next to projector? Since I do have neighbors upstairs, do you think the in-wall speakers will send too much sound upstairs?

The speakers above the kitchen will be back channels for my audio.


P.S Yes, ceiling is 12' high
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Looks to me like a perfect place to mount monopoles like you have them. Maybe on pedestal to point down toward the seating area a bit more (they are kinda high).

I don't see in-ceilings there. Especially I don't see how they would make the wiring job any easier! Getting wires up to the top of the cabinets is going to be a lot easier than getting them up to and then across the ceiling.
It depends on where your amp is located in the house, but my guess is youll have to chew up a lot of sheetrock especially if you put speakers in the ceiling next to the tracklights. I used to do speaker retro-install for a living.
One big disclaimer I forgot is that we will be selling this place after 3 years, since we will be moving to another city (my better half will be done with her PHD). So I do have to make sure I don't end up hurting the value of my place.

I did think about doing every 3 feet by the baseboard an opening (which would be covered later with a plate) and running whole bunch of cable through there and making my place "hi-tech" so later any buyer would be a bit more interested in our place.

My main thing is that wedding is comming in 5 months and my budget is tight. So I have to do things in stages.

Any suggestions?
Heck, if it's short term, just leave the cable exposed. Or start a philodendron up it.
run the speaker wire along the bottom of the walls and install some molding
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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