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Should I keep My XG1350

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I purchased an XG1350 about 2 years ago with the intention of installing it into my ultimate HT when I go back to New Zealand from the US. I have dreamed for a long time about owning a top CRT projector (I previously had a Barco 801).

The machine was pristine with 10 hours of use - still in its original box with all manuals and bits and pieces. When it arrived I fired it up did a quick setup and sat in my seat amazed.

After 40 hours of intense watching over the next couple of weeks I packed up the unit again and pushed it into the corner of the spare room of my rented townhouse until it would be installed in all its glory when I returned to NZ.

Well I'm still here in the USA and it looks like I could be here quite a bit longer. Since then I have purchased a NEC LT260K to subdue my Big Screen yearnings without me having to worry my landlord by bolting 100lbs to the ceiling.

My Dilemma

The XG cost me 3.6k - Am I going to possibly loss alot of money if my plan doesn't happen (heck maybe its already happened) and I decide to sell this thing in say 2,3 or 4 years time or should I maybe sell it now. I have gotten used to the LT260 picture and like it now (ok I see the odd rainbow). I know if I turned the XG1350 on again I would be blown away and would instantly refuse to sell it.

I'm kinda confident that the XG will still be worth a bit but I guess I kinda need a pep talk - It certainly would help me keep my wife convinced.


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No its complete worthless. You should save your time and effort and just let me come pick it up :)
My guess would be that it's worth a couple thousand at most right now. A bit more if you are lucky, if it was an liquid coupled unit (1351/1352) you could probably get another grand for it.
I would think a 1350 with what sounds like 50 hours on the original tubes would be worth more than $2,000. I'd say closer to $3,000.
Thanks ssj2

I was kinda thinking it was worth around 3k because of the low hours (50). And I can live with that.

I guess my main concern now is what will happen if I leave this thing boxed up for another 2 years. Lossing more money with no enjoyment gained is a bit of a bummer (I know this is crystal ball stuff - sorry about that).

The funny thing is that as the price drops - you get to a point where you say what the hell I'll just keep it anyway (my wife hates me doin this -hmmm how many pairs of speakers do I own now).

I hope I'm making sense here.


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You SHOULD set it up on the floor and enjoy it. You will lose at least $700 as the market has gone down on these things recently. I also live in an apartment right now and can't set up a great HT, so mine is under a table in the living room. The table blends in nicely with the room so it is not a big horrible obstruction. But then I am not married yet either.
Well, I think I'd first talk my landlord about installing the beast! :D It will just be some drywall holes to patch and some paint to cover it all up. Use wire chases to cover the wires if you need to. Time to enjoy what you brought! That is if you have room for it.

As far as keeping it or selling it now. I guess it depends on how much of a gambling man you are. If digital PQ (picture quality) gets close CRT PQ, I'd expect the CRT prices to fall. There's could even be undiscovered technology that outshines CRTs. 2 - 4 years is a long time for technology. On the other hand, the beasts are getting younger and no new NECs are being made. So, fewer and fewer good examples will exist. If nothing catches up to the CRT PQ, they could be worth MORE in the future. Is the glass half empty or half full?
Fire it up and enjoy it. That's why you bought it, right?

Never settle for the little toy when the bigger toy is available.

Curt Palme has this PJ with 2 new tubes on e**y for 3500 right now.

Gives you a idea of what your's could be worth.
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