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should I replace my screen?

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I just recently upgraded my CRT from a VPH10xx to a NEC135LC. I purchased a Dalite 60x80 electric glass bead screen in 1991 and replaced it in 1998.

The screen is eye level (I have 3 tier levels in my theater) from most seats and I do not see any "sparkles" common with GB screens.

After reading here, I'm thinking this is not my best choice of screen for this projector. I do not want to replace the entire unit but only the screen. Any ideas??


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Glass beaded screens were used for gain when projectors were not as bright as they are now a days or in bright rooms. If you projector is 700 or brighter in and light controled room just go with a mat white or a grayhalk type screen. the glass beed is ok but The texture is noticable and you tend to get little sprakles. Call DaLite and they will send you samples and you can compair them to what you have and see if you think the change is worth it. Remember the screen is just as important as the projector.
Glass bead is also retro-reflective, I believe. IE if the PJ is ceiling mounted, the best light reflects back to the PJ on the ceiling, not at your couch. I suppose if your PJ is floor mounted you may be fairly well off.



Currently - Zenith 7" CRT, 80x60 1.3 gain screen

Soon to be - 107x60 1.3 gain...with whatever higher rez DLP gets its act together (finally)with Panamorph or B stock/etc 9" CRT
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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