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Just picked this up from Amazon for about $202 and I don't think its powerful enough. Several times as I've cranked up the volume past 50, the safety feature kicked in and shut the whole unit down and it still did not seem too loud. Here is how I'm using it:

  • 20x21 open room
  • Pioneer SP-C22 Andrew Jones Designed Center Channel Speaker
  • cheap front left/right speakers and a cheap sub
  • only using it for movies and tv shows, only need 2 HDMI inputs and 1 output

If there is anything out there around $200 that is better, feel free to post.


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  • Is the sub passive (takes the speaker wires out from receiver) or active (plugs into wall and takes an RCA jack)?

    If passive, then your poor receiver is taxes with driving the sub. 

  • What are the two front left and right speakers? We should know their resistance and sensitivity.

  • Is the receiver calibrated so that we'd know what "50" means?

  • Are the speakers set to Small or Large?
    • If Large, then the amount of bass you're sending them is more than the receiver can handle.

  • Have you tried troubleshooting by eliminating variables?
    • What if you set to None all speakers but the front two? 
    • What if you unplug the front two and just use center?
    • Does the protection mode kick in even in quiet scenes, or just loud ones?


Receiver and Speaker Capabilities


That's a big open room. You should use robust speakers that you can throw more watts at, or more sensitive speakers that produce more output with fewer watts.
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