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I paid only $1300 for my 75", but video games don't look great on the screen. The colors looked washed out when playing Switch games such as Super Mario Odyssey (although changing the color space from Auto to Bt.2020 seemed to help some. (I also did Bt.2020 for PC). I haven't tried a variety of PC games yet, so I'm not sure how most of my games will look when displayed in 4K on this set. HDR doesn't seem so good. I've never had an OLED TV, and didn't buy one, because I've never spent $2000+ on a TV. I'm considering it now, though. I'm just hesitant to spend a lot in case HDMI 2.1 TVs have 120fps support for PC gaming (Of course it'll be a few years before there's a top of the line card that can handle that). 75'' initially seemed huge to me coming from a 55'' KS8000, but I grew used to it after a couple days and it's not as impressive anymore. I also won't be able to fit it in a vehicle if I move in the next couple years. I'm not even sure if I can return this set for free to Amazon since I've never done a TV return before, but I guess I could try selling locally if they don't let me.

I've never experienced OLED, so I'm not sure what kind of quality jump to expect. I am somewhat worried about burn-in since I use a TV as a computer monitor and also use some older non-widescreen content such as the Super NES Classic and other older games. I use the TV for PC gaming, console gaming (PS4 Pro, Switch, Xbox One S, SNES Classic, PS3, etc.), Netflix, Amazon, Cable, Youtube, web-browsing, work, etc. Distance doesn't matter, since I move my couch or chair closer when I'm watching 4k content and I watch farther away for 1080p and less. Anyone have any advice on whether I should stick with what I have or go OLED?
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