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I bought the Samsung LN40A450(720p) for $989 on Monday and am starting to regret not getting a 1080p lcd. I compared both the 40A450 and 40A550 and didn't see a difference in 720p and 1080p. I decided to take the 450 series because I didn't think that 1080p was worth the extra money. The sales clerk who sold me the lcd said that I'd made a mistake in buying the 720p lcd and should have went 1080p.

I was thinking that maybe I should return the 40A450 for the 37A550. I was on a $1000 budget when I bought the 450, but noticed that the 37A550 was only $44 over my budget. Is 1080p, a higher contrast ratio, and 1ms less response time worth the extra $44, losing 3" in screen size, and having to go through the hassle of returning the lcd?

HD gaming and blu ray are my main uses for the lcd. I tend to sit close to a T.V. when gaming, but usually sit farther back when watching a movie.
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