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Should I return this Wii console?

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After only about three hours of play by kids, my daughter's Wii stopped responding any remote control movement in Wii sports, such as swinging a golf club. Wii still responds to pointer movement though. I tried to follow the instructions on Wii site to sync the remote, but it didn't do anything. In fact there was no blinking LED after I pressed sync button on the remote.

Is this a small problem I can solve by resetting something on Wii or this is a defective unit that has to be returned?

Thanks much for your advice.
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Try removing the batteries from the Wii-mote and unplugging the console. For whatever reason, this is a common problem with brand-new Wiis.
Sounds like the batteries to me too.
I have tried that many times. It didn't make any difference.

If its a common problem for the new units I wonder how many of them would clear by doing that.

Hmmm, I can't recall when was the last time I had a piece of electronics over $100 that die within three hours of use.

Maybe Wii has a terrible record on its reliability. I wonder if I return the unit its worth the trouble of finding another one.
well some people have had problems and I've read from Digg that nintendo tech support tell customers to hold it upside down and give it a few whacks on your hand. It should reset it.
i believe your joystick is broken..call support to ask about fix...try and/or buy another controller...it has nothing to do with the system...i wouldn't return as it hard to find one to replace it...
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