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Should I sell my Bryston 4B

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I recently purchased a Denon 3808ci and it's now residing in a pretty space limited set of shelves and running the show in a house we moved into this summer. Given the way things have worked out in this house there really isn't space for a dedicated 2 channel stereo system. The old 2 channel system will be absorbed into a new 5.1 system in the family room including the PSB Stratus Golds that the Bryston used to run.

I do have a large shop and exercise room out back and I could see running zone 2 or 3 from the Denon into the Bryston and running some old speakers out there, but truthfully we have no need for 7.1 (just too small of listening area) so I have the amps from the Denon to assign to that duty if I should ever want to. I don't think I can reassign the front channel amps from the Denon (have to ask on the 3808 thread) but even if I could I'm not sure I really need the Bryston for front channel duty, the Denon seems to do an adequate job.

I love the Bryston, but I see the older version of it selling for $700 to $800 on eBay, the newer ST version for $1100 and up. I've got the 4B nbr version which I have not seen an used price for (anyone?). I'm thinking that if I can get $900 or more for it there really isn't much reason for keeping it.

Anyone have a convincing reason why I should go one way or the other?
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Originally Posted by scientest /forum/post/12836557

I'm thinking that if I can get $900 or more for it there really isn't much reason for keeping it.

If you do list her for auction on ebay, you may wish to note that Bryston' come with a transferable 20 year warranty. We have one here at my workplace.. today it would represent at least ~$3000-4000 if produced currently. It is one robust design.
Yeah, was planing on that. Mine is around 15 years old, still I guess a 5 year warranty is better than some things have brand new out of the box....
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