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I have a PS3 now and with the cable box also having HDMI I'm wondering if it might not be time to sell my Panny PT-50LC13 and step up to a slimmer LCD with HDMI inputs. Right now my panny only has DVI with I'm converting the HDMI from the cable box with.

My options are to sell and get a few hundred bucks for her before the bulb goes, or to possibly get a new audio/video receiver with hdmi in's and out's.

FWIW, I bought the TV about 4 years ago dirt cheap for $800 and have never had to change the bulb out. I watch TV about 2-3 hours / day on it. Last time I checked the hours it was at 2000 and that was about 1 1/2 years ago.

Thanks for any ideas.
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