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New here and new to the whole HDHT thing, not sure where to put this, but I learn fast.

Set is Panny TH-42PX80U and Panny BD35 player about 1 month old. Denon 888 AVR that I just did get set up.

Two things that concern me #1 - I was watching a BD movie and a ¼ wide vertical band of bright purple on extreme left side of display popped up. I cycled through the format options on the TV remote and the band went away - so OK I've only seen it once.

#2 - watching another BD movie a day later and the screen went blank for about 2 seconds (WTF) then back on - OK. I started the chapter over to see if it did it in the same place and it did not. Both of these occurred after I got the Denon AVR hooked up.

So - is this something to worry about ?????? Is this the start of more problems down the road ????? with the TV or the Receiver????? Or the BD player.

BTW - so far to me this Home Theater stuff is totally awesome. I live out in the boonies somewhat and haven't been to a movie theater for about 15 years. I have a high end - too me - Sony ES stuff stereo system that I acquired in the 80's and had boxed up for over 15 years and did not listen to as I was taking care of a wife with MS through that time. I used my old speakers (4) 2 are 4 foot towers with 3 drivers and passive radiators and 2 book case for the surround and a 12 inch acoustic suspension SW using the old Sony ES amp to drive the SW - I hooked it all up through the Denon AVR 888 with a Paradigm 170 for a CC speaker, that I got for very Low $$, and slipped in BD Iron Man and all I can say is Holy Cow Bat Man When Tony is walking out of the cave and then that first sonic boom - my windows about fell out of their frame it was a totally visceral experience. I was amazed at how much I had missed out on over the last 15 years.

Anyway - excuse my mutterings and let me know if I'm starting to have problems and with what? Maybe I'm a bit gun shy as my last TV lasted about 18 months and died and could not be repaired (I had warnings with erratic operation for about 8 months before it totally failed) or is this something I need not worry about.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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