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Should I take this Sony G-70?

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I've been given a Sony G-70, but I notice its got a 39 error code.

Now I know this means current on any one of the RGB tubes exceeds the rated output. The question is, is it repairable and is it worth the money to repair it?

This was left behind and I discovered it when we moved into a new office - I'm guessing they decided not to fix it. I got permission to take it free of charge along with a faroujda VP-251.

So can it be fixed and what would I need?


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Of course it's repairable. But it's a question of how long it will take to properly identify the root cause of the failure, then find and obtain the necessary part(s), then install it.

But the G70 is definitely worth fixing. Do you have previous experience with CRTs? Unless you're looking for a challenging project, you might be better off selling it and looking for something functional.

What condition are the tubes (look through the lenses with a flashlight, or better yet, remove the lenses and post a picture).

Where are you located? If you're not the fix-it type, maybe Curt or someone else with a G70 could work out a trade towards a fully functional projector.

Originally Posted by Redcoat23 /forum/post/12868924

along with a faroujda VP-251.

The VP251 is only a line doubler to deinterlace 480i to 480p...

Originally Posted by Faroudja manual /forum/post/0

The Faroudja VP251 Line Doubler/Video Processor is a precision video instrument used to convert NTSC interlaced signals into 480 visible, progressively scanned lines (640X480 resolution). Using Picture Plus technology, the VP251 removes typical video processing artifacts while also increasing color purity and image detail, closely matching 35mm film.

The VP251 is designed as an ideal match for Data-Grade 7 CRT projectors

The G70 deserves much better than 480p... feed it at least 1080i or 720p.
Thanks for the quick response Clarence.

I did a two year course in electronics about 20 years ago, but its been a long time since I've touched much. However, I'm not afraid of spending the time to identify the issue.

As for having a CRT before, no, but I'm a huge fan and I learn quickly.

When I get it home today I'll have a look at the tubes and post some images.

Originally Posted by Redcoat23 /forum/post/12869133

As for having a CRT before, no, but I'm a huge fan and I learn quickly.

Start here:


should you take a free G70/ Well duh?
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If you decide not to repair it, or if the tubes are worn, I am currently needing a G70 here. I sold my last one at Xmas.
I've got the projector home now, but I'm coming to the end of a project at work, so my time is very limited.

When I get chance I will take the lenses off and post some pictures of the tubes.

Thanks for all the respones

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