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ok now at 34 years old with only a few home av purchases under my belt - I think its time to update...... i wish i could upgrade but need to keep costs down.

since my early 20's I am still running some cambridge soundworks Newton 300 L+R , p500 sub, a some surrounds- newton s200 or s300, and newton 500 center

I have updated my receiver multiple times since my first - usually giving the previous to a family member, I usually go with onkyo or yamaha in the $1000.00 dollar range.

At present I am running the Onkyo TX NR801 and would like to update to a receiver with multiple HDMI in and at least 1 out, also would be nice to have some sort of auto tunning feature as mine has neither of these.

some other info

At the present time in the main viewing room I have pana 42" 720p ( this will be upgraded later) this was supposed to be a temp hold over for the 50" samsung dlp that did what most of them did - fail numerous times = waste of $2600.00. Also Using a Playststion 3 FOr blueray

Hope this is the right forum section - For some good help .....

I will be waiting patiently for any suggestions about updating the receiver
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