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So I have a mild case of upgrade-itis. But I'm not up on the latest and greatest receivers and such, hence my question:

I have:

B&K Reference 50 S2


Anthem MCA 5

Definitive speakers

It sounds GREAT. The only reason I have the upgrade bug at all is, I can't help wondering if I'm not getting everything out of Blu Ray sound since I can't use HDMI.

I am using optical.

Where I hesitate is, I went from an older Yamaha Pro Logic receiver to a NAD 5.1, and there was a noticeable sound quality increase. There was an even MORE noticeable increase in sound quality when I got the B&K.

I briefly tried a Denon receiver a couple of years ago, and the sound was simply not as good.

So, I don't want to lose my sound, but wonder if any "non-1500+dollar units" will keep my good sound and maybe improve it? Or should I just stick with my good old Reference 50, which still works perfectly?

Note that I don't care about a receiver's amp section, since I'll be using my Anthem. Only concerned with whether the latest bells and whistles would be worth the upgrade.

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Several years ago I upgraded a B&K AVP4090 pre-pro to a Lexicon DC1. The Lexicon easily blew away the B&K; I remember the amazement to my ears. Keep in mind however, this was for HT performance. In 2-channel, the B&K was superior by a decent margin. However, I came to prefer Lexicons Music- Logic processing for music which again trumps the B&K.

In addition, I had reliability issues with the B&K which required me to send it back to the factory due to the unit locking up. That would be a serious problem now with the current state of B&K.

I recommend you upgrade your B&K to a Lex MC-8. The rest of your system seems decent. I personally would look at upgrading your DefTech's next; but, a lot of members here use them in fairly expensive systems and seem to be satisfied.

Keep in mind these comments are based on MY preferences and experiences.
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