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should i upgrade to the newest frimware for my router for PS3

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hello all i have linksys WRT54G2 and i think have the fw that came with it Firmware Version: 1.5.00.does it pay to upgrade and make my router faster?? for playing ps3 games. because iam geting killed online in black-ops
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I've upgraded the firmware many times on my linksys (older model). I'm not sure about any type of speed increase, but I did have connection issues earlier on which it might of fixed.

From the Firmware release notes it looks like they fixed a ping issue, which might help you out.

Firmware 1.5.01 (Build 13)

-Change wireless broadcast/multicast data rate from 11Mbps to 1Mbps.

Firmware 1.5.01 (Build 8)

- Update with the patch to fix ping issues.

- Update wireless driver.

- WPS set to enable.

- Router behind router function support.

- Win7 Support.

- Fixed HNAP P2 issues.


Firmware 1.5.00 (Build 19)

- Initial release
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