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Should I wait for DPLII?

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DPLII is a decoding system and an encoding system?
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Should you wait for it? ....a big "YES"!!!

Please read this thread for details:
Whether you should wait for DPL II depends on your situation. If you'll be using a lot of 2 channel Dolby surround material (VHS, Laserdisc, TV over cable or satellite, even some DVDs esp. of older movies, etc.) then DPL II should make a difference for you. It doesn't require newly encoded material -- it's designed to do a better job of decoding existing material. That includes stereo music, apparently.
I watch alot of TV, have old VHS movies etc. etc. I probably would use DPL2 more then anything else.

But any idea how long I will have to wait?

Or do you think that if I bought now, someone would come out with a decoder that I could buy inexpensively and add on to my receiver?


I just finished renovating my basement for home theatre. The sofa's delivered, the TV and wall unit installed. I bought the house 8 months ago and have been saving all that time for all the hardware for the theatre. Well here I am ready to buy with a budget of $2500 and I am wondering should I wait for DPLII?

I had my hardware narrowed down to:

Denon 3801 or Yamaha RXV1000 or Marantz 7000 or Integra 7.1

Energy Encore or Paradigm speakers.

haven't decided on DVD yet.

already bought sat system.

BUT if I buy one of the above receivers, am I out of luck in three months when DPL starts to appear on hardware and media.

How long will it take for DPLII to really take off?

How long will it take for DPLII to start appearing on television (SAT) broadcasts. It only needs 2 channels like DPL, so I {think} that it might be quick, but who knows. I am not that worried about DVD because DVD will always have the digital formats (DD & DTS) it is the easy boadcasts of DPLII that I am worried I might miss out on, if I jump in now.

BUT I have a SONY 32" TV, LA-Z-Boy massage sofa, theatre lighting, SAT system all ready for the receiver and speakers. The room is crying out for a loud theatre like sound.

Should I wait. Should I buy? WHAT TO DO?

Thanks for any comments.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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