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I'm completely confused about my living room layout, and here's the planned photo.

The TV is currently against an odd post (with a pipe inside) in the middle of my planned living/dining area, with my sofa against the wall. It's about 2.5 meters from TV to back of sofa and about 6 meters wide, not counting corridor space on either end.

The wall of windows on the other end of the room, where the dining area is, is 8 meters wide.

I'm planning to get at least a 60 inch TV, which will be 4 feet and 8 inches (TV is 32 inches, low TV stand is 24 inches).

Here's what I think:


1) Sofa against the wall means it faces the beautiful windows and overlooks a beautiful sunset at 6 PM (this is in Manila, Philippines) or a magnificent night city skyline at night, which is great background even while watching TV. In the afternoons, there will be blackout blinds.

I am weighing how much I want to face the windows when I am sitting on the sofa with the TV off.


1) No 4 foot 8 inch wall in the middle of the living and dining areas, and the back of the TV does not face the dining table.

2) Possible glare if the blackout shades don't work 100%.

3) Better speaker positioning if I put the TV against the wall, as the sofa will be against the post and surround speakers can be behind the sofa, in the dining area. These dining area speakers can double as music background when you are eating.

4) Can see the TV from the dining area, despite the awkward post.

5) People can crowd around the sofa to watch the TV if they really want to.


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