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It seems that we have so many questions about 120Hz, Motion enhancement, judder, 3:2 pulldown, 5:5 pulldown, "Soap Opera" effect, shouldn't we create a "FAQ" about these subjects? It seems that we keep getting new people asking these same questions over and over.

I'm not volunteering to do this, there are probably others here who are much more qualified than I am. I'm not an expert, just have learned alot from reading all of the posts about these subjects here.

Also, why do we have in the "Sticky threads" section a "Plasma FAQ and Panasonic FAQ" thread in the LCD Section?


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I definitely agree that a FAQ sticky is needed. Something that the average joe can read and learn what features are important and what issues they need to be on the look out for. I too am not volunteering as I don't have the knowledge required....

But I'd like to see the following topics covered:
  • The benefits of 120Hz
    • 5:5 pulldown vs 3:2 pulldown from 24Hz/fps source...also maybe reverse 3:2 pulldown as well?
    • AutoMotion Plus/Motionflow/frame Interpolation and "Soap Opera" effect.
  • Gaming input lag
  • Known issues with LCD's
    • judder (kind of related to 3:2 pulldown)
    • blurring (sample and hold)
    • Off-axis viewing/viewing angle washout (getting much much better)
  • LCD defects that may warrant a return:
    • vertical banding (uneven backlighting)
    • clouding
    • flashlights
    • dead/stuck pixels

A lot of this information can be gleamed from wikipedia, but if someone could nicely summarize that and add photos/videos etc. it'd be great.
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