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Show room in Michigan

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Does anyone know if there are show rooms somewhere in Detoit area ? I would like to purchase a projector, but I would like first to see what it looks like.

Thank you.
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You could try Paulson's in Farmington Hills. It's on 12 mile near Halstead. If you're from the east side, there's Pecar's in Rochester Hills. It's on Rochester Road near 17 mile (i think!). Hope that helps!

jbschrad from Wixom.
What exactly are you looking for? Different stores specialize in different segments.
To the best of my knowledge there is only one

store in the whole of detroit that has a budget PJ

New Age Entertainment (21 mile and VanDyke).

I have not seen it though.

Pecars does not have budget PJ's.

The hi-fi stores dont seem to make a lot of money from budget PJ's

so they dont bother to carry them. The hi-fi stores only carry

high end models that cost 5k or over.
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I am looking for places to see TX100 / Z2 / and hoopefully PTAE700...
Search! :p


The AE700 is likely to show up at Audio/Video System. They have had the Panasonic 300 and 500. I haven't yet checked on if it is or when it will be there.
10 000 thanks aackthpt....
Big Georges in Ann Arbor usually has two-three projectors set up for viewing in dedicated rooms.
I went to Paulsons yesterday and they had sharp 12k, sony hs20 on display. It seems that they are not going to carry panasonic anymore, but no definite words. I expected to see more of low end pjs but they just didn't have them on display... I am going to try new age entertainment today.
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