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Hi All,

I'm fairly new so maybe there's already a thread for this, but in the same light as the " Show Your HTPC Setup " sticky, is there a similar thread showing your software setup? I've been playing around with WMC lately, and found that there are so many options, plugins, and simply ways of watching an HTPC that I'm really curious what others are using in terms of software. WMC (plugins?), XBMC (plugins?) MediaPortal, etc. To start here's my setup:

Main Software: WMC
OS: Windows 7 64bit.
  • RSS reader (for video podcasts like Twit)
  • YAMMM using WMC stock "Movies" library, (trying to use yammm, but haven't found a way yet to get it to work in a NAS/Client envoriment so this is a wip)
  • Remote Potato (for remote access to media, and to remotely set DVR) I've found this to work really well with iPhone app
    Media Center[/URL] .
  • My Channel Logos (for channel logos on EPG)
  • 007Shark drivers for watching MKV files. Be careful with the installer though, comes with some bloatware.
  • HDHR Prime Software (provides the live TV feed)
  • TeamViewer for remote access to HTCP for when the family calls and says something's not working.

Main priorities are stability and high WAF, so it has to be simple, and 'just work' as much as possible.
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