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I'm trying to create a DVD using several Low Quality shows extracted from my Showstopper. Here's the process I've used:

-Extract shows to local hard drive

-Use Womble to fix GOP & Time problems

-Use Womble to cut portions of show, then paste them back together

-Use Womble to Re-Encode audio to 48Khz (leave bitrate at what Replay records at, 96kbps i believe)

-Author DVD in ULead DVD Movie Studio 2

-Burn DVD

Then when i play the DVD, the audio is fine, but the video is noticeably choppy and jerky. I originally tried the DVD on a CyberHome 402 which played the video terribly. Now I'm playing the DVD on a Mintek DVD-1600 and it's watchable, but still jerky. When i do the preview in ULead before burning, a little jerk is *barely* visible.

So should i be re-encoding my video with Womble, too, or are there any other tips that you guys can think of?

The main point of re-encoding the audio is so that ULead won't re-encode all of the files. When it does, it takes hours and i can't fit nearly as many episodes as i can when the audio is encoded to the new frequency.

Thanks for your help!!

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