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Showtime HD and the West Coast

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I'm evaulating adding Showtime HD to my DirecTV lineup and am curious regarding Showtime HD schedules for the west coast. I'm presuming that those of us on the west coast will be seeing programs three hours ahead of their east coast show times, similar to HBO-HD. I entered my west coast zip code into Showtimes on-line schedule and came up with movie start times that look suspciously like east coast times. I'm presuming, however, they will be broadcast to us three hours ahead of the listings on this schedule.....thanks.
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Yeah, it's an east coast feed that DirecTv offers rather than the west coast feed which is also available had they chose to use that one instead.

Really and truly since it was a new offering on DirecTv they should have offered the west coast feed to try and balance it out from the HBO east feed for the sake of fairness and even to end up with less head to head showings of the better movies on both HBO and Showtime at the same time.

You could say the same for Dish, but since they've been offering the east feeds of both for so long now, it might not go over quite as well to switch either one to the west feed (though I dont know why not, all things considered).

Ideally both providers would offer both feeds of each, but of course that might be asking a bit much from their point of view.
I thought Dish offered East coast feeds on 61.5 and west coast feeds on 148. I see you (DP1) are from CO so I assume you're using the 148 feed. Did they used to have both?

Nope, it's the east feed on both birds. You might be thinking of CBS HD. In that case each bird has a different feed. L.A. on 148 and N.Y.C on 61.5

About the only time a west feed of either movie channel was offered was when DirecTv first offered HBO HD. It was the west feed, but not long after they switched it to the east feed.
I'm also annoyed that most Showtime movies starts at 5pm so I can't catch them live after returning from work.

Fortunately, that's what my HD VCR is for - time shifting!
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