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shure e2g or e3g

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so my e2g's recently ceased to work so now i'm looking to replace them but i'm torn between the shure e2g or the shure e3g phones. is it worth the $40 diff to get the e3g's instead of the e2g's? also i liked the fit of the e2g's, the e3g's don't look like they have the same kind of fit. anyone have experience with these?
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First, are the e2gs still under warranty. I believe they come with a 2 year warranty. Even if theyre not you might be able to get them replaced by Shure. Give them a call, you can find a number on their website. They replaced mine and I didnt have a receipt or anything.

Second, the e3s are certainly a step up from the 2s but they will fit and sound different. I believe the bass response will be reduced but the mids and highs will be better. I have the e4cs which are a lot like the 3s in size. They are a lot smaller and lighter than the 2s. And I find them much more comfortable than the 2s (and I found the 2s pretty comfortable).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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