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Shuttle SB51G - SPDIF Inputs

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I have just built a new HTPC using the Shuttle SB51G. So far I am thrilled with the Small Form Factor. I updated the AC97 Drivers from the RealTek page and can now use the SPDIF Input and Output.

Here is my Configuration:

Shuttle SB51G

P4 2.4G Processor

Sapphire Radeon 9000 Pro 128MB AGP

Flyvideo 2000

1G DDR333 Ram





I have searched for this for a couple of days and have not seen any mention of it. I have a DirectTV Tivo Receiver with a SPDIF output. I was trying to go from that into the on board SPDIF input of the SB51G, and then use the SPDIF output on the SB51G to go to my receiver. This works without a problem as long as I am sending a PCM signal. When I go to a Dolby Digital signal(PPV or Starz) I get no sound at all. I look in the SoundManager and the SPDIF/In is locked and I get a Sampling rate of "48KHz - AC3".

What am I missing, or is this just not possible?

I can have the sound bypass the HTPC, and go direct to the Receiver, but then I won't be able to record the audio tracks to my hard drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

BTW - It is working fine when I am playing a DVD using Theatertek, so I know that DD and DTS can be sent from the SPDIF output to my receiver.
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Does anyone have a suggestion?
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