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Hello everyone,

I am building a new home with a dedicated media room with no windows. The room is 18' x 13' and I will sit between 10 to 15 feet back, not sure which distance is better.

Even though my home is not built I picked up an SI BD 92" with .8 gain screen at BB, which was on sale. I was thinking about taking it back for the SI Reference 100" with 1.1.

I don't have my projector yet but it's between the Sony HW30AES or the Optoma HD3300. I am leaning more towards the Optoma because I would also like a new fridge for the new home

I am new to the projector world and I have no idea which screen to go with. I would like the bigger screen but I don't know the difference between the two. I did some research and a lot is over my head.

Thank you!!
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