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Okay, I've had this problem for weeks now, and I've been racking my brain trying to figure out a solution, so I hope you can help me here.

I recently purchased a Samsung 4095D ("40 LCD, 1080p). Everything runs perfectly on it with the exception of my PS2 (last model version with the HDD expansion). I get these transparent, wavy lines, sort of what you get on a bad cable reception, darting around the screen. I've looked around forums and asked people on AIM for possible solutions, and none have worked so far.

I've got a PS3, VCR, Gamecube, and Motorola Comcast HD Receiver all hooked up to the TV, each plugged seperately in two different outlets. I also have a PC hooked up (in a seperate outlet opposite the wall) to the TV via a DVI/HDMI cable.

1. I tried unplugging everything but the PS2.

2. I tried plugging the PS2 and TV directly to the outlets.

3. I tried a Gamecube on the same Component Output. No signal noise, runs perfectly.

4. I tried using a power conditioner (monster brand)

5. I tried a 3 prong grounding adaptor (changes 3 prongs to 2 prongs)

6. I tried plugging the PS2's power cord to different outlets.

7. I tried plugging the PS2's power cord to outlets OUTSIDE of my room (with an extension cable).

8. I tried changing the component cable to the official Sony brand cables.

9. I tried changing the component cable to the Monster brand cables (even worse quality, the cables won't even stick to the TV)

10. I tried a completely different PS2 system (used, same model).

Despite all these failed tests, I think I've narrowed down the problem to the component cables itself.

1. I changed the component cables to AV cables. No signal problem.

2. I got the same signal noise on my GC and Cable Receiver. Jiggling their cables somewhat fixed the problem immediately.

3. Despite that, I unplugged the Cable TV's component cables and removed them completely; no change in the signal.

So it seems that something is causing interference with the PS2's component output. I just have to find a way to remove this problem, and I'm nearly out of ideas. All I can think of trying now is either a Slim PSTwo (even if it worked, I want the PS2 with HDD expansion), or a component system selector that can isolate any interference.

I really hope you guys can help me out. If you need any more information, ask.
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