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Signs That My 60GB Might Be Dying Soon ?

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I ask this question because last night when I was watching The Fast & The Furious blu-ray my PS3 made a really loud humming & vibrating sound when I just loaded the blu-ray disc in for that movie. The humming & vibrating sound went away after I started the movie, but after about 1 hour of watching the movie my system completely froze on me where I was able to eject the disc but had to hold the power button on my PS3 to shut down & restart my system. When I did restart the PS3 systems OS came back up and asked me if I wanted to report the problem to Sony which I did.

I also was watching Fast & Furious on blu-ray and about 45 minutes into that movie I lost sound & the movie started freezing up on me. This time though I was able to go into the XMB and quit movie playback and shut down my PS3 normally.

I've had my PS3 since December 2006 and it hasn't given me these problems before.

I have upgraded my internal 60GB hard drive with a 300GB hard drive.

I just really hope my PS3 blu-ray lenses doesn't die on me or worse eventually get the YLOD.

My system is out of warranty and if it dies on me I really don't want to send it to Sony for $150 to get it fixed and I really don't like the new PS3 Slim models that are out now. I still need and care about having PS2 backwards compatibility since I still play PS2 games like Shadow Of The Colossus.
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Check for dust build up - give it a good clean.
A week or so before mine died, my bluray drive was making all sorts of funny noises for a brief period, which had never happened before. It also would not let me insert a disc. I had to turn it on and off a couple of times. Then it worked. A week later, mid game....zap...GANK CITY!

If you have doubts, I would suggest you backup your whole system now. Then maybe once a week back up your game saves on the games you have been actively playing.

Good luck!
Crapshoot. I took exceptional care of my PS3. Came home one day with a new game, popped it in, hit the disc icon, and boom: YLOD.

No rhyme or reason.
I would blame the strange noises on the fact that you put fast and furious in your ps3.
If you never opened your ps3 you'd be amazed about the amount of dust stock inside.

A good internal clean is welcome, now that you are out of warranty. Mainly the fan is needed to be clean.

Also you need to know that there are playback problems on some blu ray disc since the last firmware 3.15 update on the older model, like the 60GB.
Is there a way to keep it clean w/o having to pop off the top? Maybe a shop vac on the ass end of it, or something?
A low powered vaccum. But it must done at least once a month. But it should have being done in his case,..since the very beginning.

I learned the hard way.

Originally Posted by Ravenous112 /forum/post/18162927

I would blame the strange noises on the fact that you put fast and furious in your ps3.

This. It was trying to kill itself. It would have tried killing YOU if you'd have tried playing either Biker Boyz or Torque. As a driver/rider of both import cars & motorcycles I would have to agree with your PS3's sentiments.

But on a more serious note....BACK THAT PS3 up. That's how mine went before the Bluray drive took an eternal nap. I was lucky, and under a replacement plan, so I just went an got a new Slim out, plus cash back, out of the deal. You'll have to pay the $150 for the replacement or $200 for a new slim (losing all BC, Linux, & card slots). Don't quote me on those costs...that's just what I think I remember reading on these boards. YMMV.
I cannot stress and repeat fcorona76's statement enough: BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP!!!!!

When that puppy goes YLOD (and all signs point to yes) it's going to suck a whole lot extra if you also lose every save game, video, jpg, whatever, you have saved on there. You won't be able to port over copy protected content to your new unit, but at least you'll have all of your other stuff.

As bdwright mentioned, it's a crapshoot. I also babied the heck out of my launch 60gb. It's something with the hardware, not a user behavior that causes this problem. Some internet theories point to inferior thermal compounds.

As far as the Slim goes, I can't recommend it enough. It's so much quieter and cooler than the 60gb, and uses half the power. If your unit does go YLOD, maybe you should swap it for a $150 refurb, finish up your PS2 games, and then sell it (you'll probably get a good $250 for it). Then buy a Slim and stop sweating bullets every day worrying that your PS3 is a ticking time bomb.

Boo on Sony for designing something that retails for $600 (and supposedly cost $800 to produce) but can't last for more than 3 years of normal use. Boo also on not warranting their refurbs for more than 3 months.
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I only knew the LD 60GB PS3 had two fan speeds, up until 6 months before it YLOD. That's when it hit the third, fourth and fifth fan speeds. I knew the end was near.

Then, in mid January, during my birthday party, on a very cold day, YLOD. The PS3 was very hot. Once it cooled down, I could turn it back on for a few minutes before it YLOD again. I was lucky. I could make backups of my game saves, and eject my game.

I tried the YLOD reflow fixes found on YouTube, and what not, and it never worked past a few days. And, I could never play long sessions of MW2. I wasted money (new fan) trying to fix it.

If it does YLOD, only spring for a tube of thermal paste. Reflow it in your oven. If it wont work past that, it's not worth fixing any further. Just buy a new Slim PS3.

Originally posted by mweflen

Boo on Sony for designing something that retails for $600 (and supposedly cost $800 to produce) but can't last for more than 3 years of normal use.

Look at all the new tech in the PS3, and it still has a failure rate way below the 360... just saying...

Originally Posted by William Mapstone /forum/post/18175159

Look at all the new tech in the PS3, and it still has a failure rate way below the 360... just saying...

Hey, I'm not saying that Sony designing the 60gb the way it did is somehow worse than the 360 debacle (the 360 is far worse). I'm just saying that it stinks, especially for those of us who got burned by it.

Based on my negative reliability experience with the PS3 (which I love to death in terms of capabilities), I'll be waiting out Sony's next gen product until at least the 2nd or 3rd iteration of hardware.

Really, I hope the PS3 is vigorously supported for 10 years, even more so than the PS2 was. I just don't want to buy a new machine and new games after this gen. Maybe I'll stick with this one and buy used/greatest hits games for a few years after the PS4 comes out.
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