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Hello guys,

Joined recently, and wanted to share my build with you. My purpose was to build a silent PC. So here we go.


About a year ago, I took a pen and lots of A4 paper and started planning my dream build. About 25 sheets of paper later I had my perfect vision written down, with every cable and hose labeled and numbered. So I started ordering things:

- all cables, cable ties, cable clamps etc from FrozenCPU.com (all black)

- rad, res, pump, fittings from local stores and forums

- tubing, fans, coolant, grills, fillport from Caseking.de

- some more misc parts from Aquatuning.de

It took nearly 2 months for the parts to arrive. Some of them got lost on the way... Everything arrived eventually.

So, it started. I had 2 friends at my place to help me. One of them is an electrical engineer and knows the electrons well. Other is as dumb as a lamppost but helped me with some dirty work (like cable management). I made around 1000 photos and yelled at people. It took 18 hours from start to finish. Proper leak testing was done the next day.

The build went well. We had no trouble whatsoever on the way. Check the photos and see for yourself.


Holy mother of all cases! Behind it is a tiny 27" display. Had trouble fitting it into a medium sized car.

Enermax Revolution 85+ 1250W.

So many holes............

Cable management test: molex heaven. Didn't work.

Testing various cable routes.

Like a rainbow. It is time to take this thing apart.

Esata, Sata hotswap, USB3, audio, ... All that was removed.

Some random sleeving kit.

Power LED.

Sleeving motherboard wires. Took a week to get everything sleeved.

Selection of cables and cable management items. All black.

Some of the cables used. All cables individually sleeved black. Bitfenix, ModRight, Phobya.

Compression fittings 10mm ID, black nickel, rotary edition.

Bye-bye air cooling.

Tiny motherboard. A friend asked if he can move inside. He said he won't be paying the rent.

4 harddrives installed and wired. 1 SSD.

Looking nice and clean. You may notice CPU being lapped.

Cleaning the GPU.

Another friend came to help out.

Electrical engineer, can build a tube amp while sleeping. Awesome skillz!

Supreme HF installed.

Half way there. Cable management is not an easy job.

Radiator ready to be mounted. Fans: Noiseblocker BlackSilent Fan XL2

Radiator: Phobya G-Changer 360 Ver. 1.2 Black. Third tube is for filling. Tubing: Feser 10mm ID clear.

Cable management finished, only one free molex left, for pump.

Radiator screws. Custom length, pyramid shape, painted black. Made right there at the construction site.

Radiator installed. All’s good so far. I probably went overboard tightening the fittings and the tubing.

Radiator installed. Time to dig out the res.

Professionals at work. Some soldering magic for the fan controller.

Res: Phobya Balancer 150 (black nickel).

Pump: Laing DDC-1T/Swiftech MCP355 with Phobya Laing DDC top (black nickel).

Preparing for the filling.

Not a single leak!

Next day: leaktest was successful!

Time to put the front face back on. So nice and neutral. Looks even better in the dark.

Side shot. Old PC in the background...

Over an inch of room behind the motherboard tray!

Not the best cable management job out there, but I can live with it.

One week later: photoshoot. Note to self: sleeve PSU!

Side shot.

Rear shot.

Bam! Triple fans! 3rd fan arrived!

Side shot. Had to add 100 ml of coolant: Aquacomputer Double Protect Ultra - orange.

Front shot. Thinking of adding 3rd HDD rack.

Front shot.

Side shot. You may ask why the tubing is so unnecessarily long. I think it looks more "natural", more relaxed that way.

Didn't use angled fittings there, looked kinda cramped.

Laing powa! Fat friend will make a simple voltage adjusting tool for the pump. 12V is clearly too much for such a simple loop. Water flows like crazy! Dead silent though - can't be heard 1 m away.

Zalman fan controller. Fans go down as low as 480 rpm (cannot be heard 1 m away).

Don't try this at home! WTF, is that case heavy!!! Back injury guaranteed! Notice the filling tube. Total weight: 60 kg.

Front face attached. What a beautiful face!

Front shot.

Xigmatek. Now, let's see what's behind that sign...


Old vs new. I bet you noticed the difference!


Rear shot.

Front shot.

Thanks for watching!

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Oh, forgot to add spec. As of now, it is following:

- Xigmatek Elysium case

- Asus P8Z77V-Pro motherboard

- 3770K @ 5.2 Ghz

- G.Skill Ripjaws 2400 16GB

- HD7870 GPU

- 2 x Corsair Force 3 SSD 120GB, 4 x Samsung F3 1TB

- Creative Titanium HD

- Enermax Revolution 1250W

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Wow that thing is a monster, lol. What is that like 3ft tall? :eek: It even looks big in that picture with the fridge in the background. Not really my cup of tea but I can appreciate the effort (and money!) that must have went into it. Just seems like something more a gaming rig for a den/desktop gaming area than an HTPC, to me. But, whatever works for you. :)
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