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Silent Running 1972 1.85:1 Anamorphic widescreen May 21st release from Universal!

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I just read the advertisement in Sounds & Visions June edition, that the wide screen Dolby Digital movie, is being released in 2.0 Mono crapola. 1.85:1 Anamorphic.

Remember the names of the droids Huey, Doey and Louie maybe. This was a really big break for the then younger Bruce Dern. Looked old as the hills playing the caretaker in the 1999 movie "The Haunting"

If you have any Silent Running DVD of 1.33:1 get rid of them fast, this digitally mastered disc will take the rarity out of the old one!
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Oh, this kind of ties in with the "movies that make you cry" thread. I was pretty young when it came out, and I was home alone one day and started watching it without knowing anything about it, and this was the first movie that ever made me cry, which kind of freaked me out. Its was at the end when the droid dies. My parents and sister came home and I was sitting there all freaked out and crying.
I hope when you see it again you will now know, it's just a science fiction movie.

There was something about that movie that stirred in me, I was 7 years out of high school when I seen it. Greenpeace was now a active save the world group, I wonder how many of greenpeace seen that movie also. I won't be a spoiler. Ladies and Gentleman it's a good movie about the last surviving forests of the planet Earth, I hope you all see it, even if it's just to rent it.

Off/topic song that reminded me of the movie was performed by Mike Rutherford formerly of group called Genesis. Mike and the Mechanics had a song called Silent Running played on MTV. I seen the first broadcast of The Bugles and "Video Killed the Radio Star", a one hit group.

Sometime when we are talking MTV I will tell how many videos of the MTV network are alive on Vhs tape. Like Desert Moon by Dennis De Young (Styx) you remember what kind of car he finally gave to his brother, I had one just like it in signal flare red.:)
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I saw this as a child as well. Cried my head off too. Me and my brother. It was a great movie. I'll be looking for it when it comes out. Be interested if there were any extras.
Originally posted by hob:

"I just read the advertisement in Sounds & Visions June edition, that the wide screen Dolby Digital movie, is being released in 2.0 Mono crapola. 1.85:1 Anamorphic."


What, yet another re-release of a previously released movie? I have a DVD of this movie (wide-screen) and had it for sometime now, so am wondering about the "need" to release it again... :confused:

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I believe the previous edition was letterboxed instead of being anamorphic. Reason enough for 16x9 owners to be happy about a re-release. At least, I am.

- bjorg
Thanks for the news Hob!

The first, and only, time I've seen this movie was the exact same situation as Dean described. I don't remember how old I was, maybe 10-12, and I was home alone when that movie came on. It kept me focused for the whole movie and by the end, it had made a big impact on me.

I wonder how I'll feel about it now? (probably more critical of the acting, set design, transfer, etc).

Yeah Hob, I thought Bruce was starting to look a little long in the tooth in The Haunting, but I still like him!

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Good news, I've been waiting to buy this until we got an anamorphic transfer.
I had been waiting for the price to come down, a number wanted $80 for this disc honest. Here's what it will have:

The cover WIDESCREEN has Bruce Dern and Planet Earth with a partial view of the space ship carrying the forests with a caption in all 'caps' on top that reads:


on the bottom right ithas Over 1 hour of bonus material in a horizontal oval

Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)

•Â*Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen

• Commentary by director Douglas Trumbull and Bruce Dern

• The making of "Silent Running"

• Douglas Trumbull: Then and Now

• The original featurette on the making of the film

• The making of the film with behind-the-scenes photographs

• Widescreen anamorphic format

•Â*ASIN: B000063UR1

All we are missing is DD5.1 or DTS! :)
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I have this in widescreen also but it is not an anamorphic transfer. This is good news.

This great news for us all Art that have learned what we believe will be lost, if we don't conserve, keep the logging down and planting more trees! I used to be a camper, from age 5 to age 38 in 1985 when I couldn't go walking in forest anymore. I have Essential Oils used in aromatherapy all kind of woodsy smells. Take Stirling Fir same smell as a newly cut christmas tree, can be smelled when UPS or USPS delivery men/women come in. I broght the forest smell home with me, the answer to not being able to be a forest walker anymore.:)

I'm not exactly green but I remember when I was in dental school it was quite intense at times and to recharge I would go to the Coopers Rock state forest which was less than 20 minutes away. I know what you mean.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils from trees are bottled and used to promote the aroma picked up by your olfactories (locatd in your nose) sends a message to your brain which decodes it to tell your brain to RELAX or whatever your using to do!

There are Essentials for running, walking sleeping, love making you name it. I have a number of reference books going back to 1901, in herbs I have books going back to 1847 what worked for the human being then still works on the **** sapiens now and a thousand years from now! Take away the trees, flowers, and other ways of obtaining E.O. can't not and should not be ever done period! This movie besides Soylent Green are two movies that issue a wake up call to those who have forgotten what sustains life on this planet.

This movie has action and is a thriller in some ways, in short it's a do not miss this movie. Entire new generation besides us older people, now have a chance to see and review it, not just in amamorphic terms, but in like movie 2010 can read the message it carries and do something about it.:)
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It took mine brain a while to register the title of this thread...for some reason I started thinking about Run Silent, Run Deep with torpedoes flying and all.:p

I also remember watching Silent Running many moons ago and getting very upset! This picture was directed by Douglas Trumbull who also worked on one of my favorite Christopher Walken films, Brainstorm.

Hob, on another note you might be interested to know I saw the Buggles on tour...I think it was the Fall of 1980.


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This movie is remarkable for several reasons, though not its pivotal plot puzzle. I won't spoil it here, but it was exceptionally lame. Leaving that aside, the movie (and Bruce Dern's convincingly whacked-out performance) does offer a strong, even moving, dystopian science-fiction plot. It offers another bonus: all of the bad guys die early in the film, yet the plot still builds to an interesting climax (and denoument).

Star Wars owes a lot to Douglas Trumbull's and John Dykstra's work with this film. The visual design is top-notch, and the music by Peter Shickele with Joan Baez is really special. I sure hope they present the music well on the new DVD. I wasn't interested in the previous DVD at the price, but I might buy this one.

I don't think it's right to ***** about "no DD5.1 or DTS" because the sound was not originally recorded with such delivery in mind, and any new 5.1 mix would either sound as hokey as we've learned to expect from hurry-up remixes, or would cost a fortune for restoration and augmentation.
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I would have say in a friendly way I have to dissagree with you, you see I own close to 500 Movie soundtracks. In 1951 Bernard Herrman score to The Day The Earth Stood Still sounded like a horror film not a science fiction film. In getting a digital remastering of the score it became obvious the score if heard by the movie goers in 1951 in Dolby Surround would have been turned in a different direction by the music they heard, I was.

I have 2 copies The Thing From Another World. One to me is *dull* Black and White the other was colorized, and it added a new dimension to the film altogether! I hope you get to see what you want and hear what you want but you must realize there are other opinions of other film viewers also. I am not bitc*ing I stating my personal preference to me *Hob* I didn't intend to involve anyone but me!

When I compose a post on a particular movie I just don't bang on the qwerty, I am offering my renditon of whats available viewing wise in OAR and the sound on the disc would be. If mono sound, Black and White, or Silent movies turns you on, I will respect you for your own personal things that you look for in a film.

Look upon my posts as informative but also it's telling what *I* as a Home Theatre film enthusiest would have liked to have been in, bringing fully satisfaction to me an individual! That is what the word response is for, to respond with your opinion or facts that were left out or misconstrued to be different. Take Digital Howie when he heard two words Run an Silent, he immediately though of Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster in the Word War 2 submarine movie Run Silent Run deep. I didn't make a joke of it, I respected him as a fellow member, I was surprised but definately not offended by his remarks in fact I liked reading about it. Brought the memory of the sub film to my mind, so much I am going to watch that movie for my friday evening movie.

I of all members go off topic or make a bleeding joke of some words mentioned to provoke a good memory of a film, which is what I am trying to accomplish. Other wise our coffee will spill and we will all be kicked out for fighting, at the AVS coffee house atmosphere. lol

P.S. to all you able to go out tonight have a wonderful weekend and indulge yourself in some Home Theatre Aromatherapy Essential Oil of *popcorn* the best smell here at AVS forum! :rolleyes:
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