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Silver Fire NC drywall blemishes

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Hi all, after a few months of reading through all the threads, I am putting together a Silverfire N/C on drywall over the weekend. I have put 2 layers of Zinser leveling primer up after fixing a few nail holes with drywall compound. I also have sprayed 4 coats of Zinser 123 onto the wall (mostly for spraying practice). I have noticed there are 2 or 3 spots on the wall that are not filling in nicely. Pictures are below, but does anyone have guidance on the proper way to resolve prior to applying the silverfire? I am assuming as has been mentioned on various posts that the silverfire application will only highlight the imperfections.

Theater Details:
1. Screen is about 155" wide, 60" height
2. Room will be blacked
3. Project will most likely be Epson 5050ub (unless I convince myself to pony up more for the JVC NX5)


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@MississippiMan Hoping you can offer some guidance on the above? Appreciate any insight you have.
@MississippiMan Hoping you can offer some guidance on the above? Appreciate any insight you have.
The topmost image looks like a slightly depressed cavity....it looks like a embedded Hair or dust particle. The bottom image...not certain about that...did you highlight the areas with something Black? (I hope so!)

Enacting a spot repair / correction at this stage is easy.....but the key is getting adequate compound coverage over such spots while also being able to feather out the edges of any Compound that is applied.

If the bottom image imperfection is accurately displayed, then the black area should be removed (just slightly recessed) and then refilled. If that area is only highlighted, then the underlying imperfections must be very small.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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