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silver sensor out window works but what to put on roof?

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i was using the siver sensor in my family room and got 2 of the 3 channel. i inserted a diplexer and moved the antenna to the splice in the third floor guest room ( wire from dish splices into preexisting run to family room). btw ch 2 and 11 here are transmitting near each other and c4 is way the other direction.

i could now get 4 abc upstars, (used modulator to watch signal str on tv upthere) but couldnt leave antenna in the middle of the air in the room. then i thought id stick it out the window. bingo.

i have 4 and also 2. i then pushed it a bit to close the window and then i get all three.

so i have a cable running across the room and a cracked open window.

enter the waf (she hasnt been up there yet)

what should i mount on roof (flat parapit) i wanted to keep it un noticable.

if the silver sensor works what to try a terk or whats good but SMALL.

should I duct tape the ss to the dish ;> ?



at party at neighbors house noticed his ht with the hd widescreen sony xbr and i started to tell him of my getting 4 out the window and then relized that he didnt know that there was ota hd available and i told him how 199 is not hdnet.

go figure...
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