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Silver sensor

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I live in Charleston WV and the networks here are digital but not HD yet, analog cable PQ is horrible. All the stations are UHF and all are at the same degree roughly 40-45 miles apart. Terrrain is hilly and towers are 1100 feet high. Iam in the suburbs with no major buildingd around. Any opinions on my location and the silver sensor antenna to a sammy 160 and sammy 5065 dlp. Any input regarding this antenna or other options is appreciated. The house has an attic and wood siding and direct tv will also be connected to 160.
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If they're at the "same degree roughly 40-45 miles apart", does that mean that one is well over 45 miles from you? Probably a bit far for an indoor antenna.
no all of them are in that range meaning all the stations are 40-45 miles from me in the exact same direction within 2 degrees, lucky for me in regards to a directional antenna like the silver sensor but the distance worries me
I wouldn't bet that it would pick anything up much more than 35 miles out (if that) with the SS.
45 miles is pretty far for an indoor antenna.

You could get lucky, but I wouldn't count on it.
I second (or is it third) that opionion. My Silver Sensor works OK from about 20-25 miles away; anything further would probably be too much without some means of amplification (and I don't know how that affects this antenna).
I would say it is worth the $25 to buy a Silver Sensor and try it out. If it doesn't work out, you're out $25. If it does, you save $500-$1000 (unless youare going to install yourself). I am about 30-35 miles away with a mini-mountain separating us and I get all channels that interest me. Have you checked antennaweb.org to see if these channels are "yellow" or "light green" or some other rating? I have read somewhere that this Silver Sensor is best used for "yellow" channels (if that helps you decide).
hey guys-

i live in deerfield il, about 26 miles from the towers. i need some advice.

i have an RCA 38310 with a indoor xmas tree antenna. the antenna pulls in pbs & abc consistently and nbc occasionally. never cbs, not even now with their new powered up antenna.

it wasn't much of a bother, because i also have a direct tv dual tuner tivo- so most of what i watch is from that. but i do want to get all the ota now.

i realize i need to ditch the indoor one. trouble is = i'm not handy & i'm afraid of heights. :(

i need a recommendation for where to go and what to get , and who can provide installation. or is this really cost-prohibitive? i've searched and seen some posts with costs of about $600 bucks- is this correct?

i live in a 2 story brick house.

i've checked out antenna web and it shows 'yellow' for all the stations for me.

thanks so much!

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I can tell you from experience that the SS will not pick up from 40 miles away, even amplified.

since all of your stations are in the same direction, an outdoor or attic mounted yagi would be best.
eddieras - refer to my previous post (right before yours). The SS is probably much smaller than your current antenna and you might not think it would work as well, but you might be surprised. I don't work for Zenith or anything - I just think this is a good $25 gamble for people trying to pull in "yellow" channels. The worse that can happen is that the SS will get no channels (though I don't think this will be the case) and you sell it on eBay and move on to the $600 model. One suggestion if you do try it (or even something to try with the current antenna) - try putting it close to a window facing the direction of the towers because brick houses absorb radiation and, to some extent, radio waves. Good luck!
ahh-- THAT's the silver sensor? that's the one i have-- when i bought the tv at circuit city- they thru it in-- and called it a xmas tree one (for obvious reasons)

you mean i should try to put that one in my attic?
not necessarily in the attic, but close to a window facing the towers. My first placement of my SS was inside of a Media Niche (a large 5' x 7' niche built into the wall in the Family Room about 2' deep) and this placement only allowed 1 or 2 channels to be received. I then moved it out of the niche and closer to a window facing West (towers are to the West of me) and was able to receive everything. I am thinking that something in that niche (maybe all the wiring, ducts, and/metal braces) was hindering the reception. I am also thinking you might have similar problems since the bricks may hinder in the same way. If you can easily (maybe use a longer coax cable) move the SS to a window, it would be worth trying it. I wouldn't recommend you putting it in the attic just because I wouldn't want you cursing at me everytime you had to climb up there to readjust it ;) The only reason I offer these suggestions at all is to possible save you a lot of money (especially since you apparently already have the SS). Also, remember that the SS is a directional antenna which means that you need to point it in the direction of the towers. I think they might advertise it as a multi-directional antenna, but I haven't had that experience (luckily, all of my towers are in the same direction anyways :) )
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I can tell you from experience that the SS will not pick up from 40 miles away, even amplified.
It depends on your location. If you're at comparatively high elevation relative to your surroundings, you might have a chance. I've seen the Silver Sensor pull in stations from 50-55 miles away, without an amplifier, at ideal reception locations.
I use two in a combined configuration with a 30 db variable pre-amp and I pick up stations 50- 60 miles from me.
Where can you get such a 30 db variable pre-amp from? Thanks.
eddieras - your problems with CBS in Deerfield may be due to the fact that they're broadcasting on VHF whereas the other channels in the chicago area are all UHF.

I've got a Silver Sensor in Wheeling, IL and so far I'm getting most channels reliably. I've gotten PBS, NBC, FOX, WGN, UPN, WCIU, and the spanish channels. I can't get CBS for the life of me, and I'm not going to bother with a VHF antenna for it until I move out of this apartment and can get an outdoor antenna. I don't seem to be able to get ABC yet, but I'm still tinkering a bit.. seems there's something loose in my connections. Jiggling the gender changer that came with the silver sensor sometimes helps me get a better signal, so I'm going to try a new one, and possibly a new coaxial cable as well.
Yea I replaced my Silver Sensors coax cable, which I assume is RG59 or just really cheap RG6, with better grade RG6, and I got better signals.
dolfo-- you are DA MAN== i've been looking into roof installs ($300 to 600 quotes!) -- then i remembered your suggestion of moving the silver sensor closer to the windows!

i tried this last nite and immediately was pulling mid 80's on a few stations! i think you just saved me some big $$

i'm gonna run it properly (not across the floor as for my test) and hopefully i'm good to go!

thanks again!
oops-- one other question-- what's the recommended cabling to use for this (about a 40' run) and also i want to use a spliter to run to my receiver for FM -- any recommedation on a splitter too?
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