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Hi guys,

I've been building and upgrading PC's every four to five years for the past 15 years or so for my own pleasure, the last time around many years back then when a proper HTPC case was pretty much unaffordable, I've used a rolled tank server desktop case as my "HTPC"...

Lately I've just ordered thru Amazon a silver silverstone CW-02 USB 3.0, it has not arrived yet, but I've been searching around to find the best bang for the buck hardware to partnering this massive case...

I wanted a true fanless setup, I know that many actively cooled fanned components still runs pretty much "inaudible" today but coming from my last intensely distressing highly overclocked AMD X2 setup with watercooling giving a huge audible humming noise plus the concorde graphics card (pretty high end model at that time) that runs like a fighter jet, and extremely loud PSU, you could say that running a fanless setup is my "obsession" today, and yes less dust buildup comes as a bonus...

Below are my what I have ordered so far, some have arrived some in the delivery:

1. Kingwin Stryker 500W Fanless

2. Silverstone CW-02

3. Scythe Susanoo

4. Windows 8 Pro System Builder

I intend to run the Scythe Susanoo fanless, and probably intend to shut down the 120mm case fan (or probably put it down to almost 500rpm temporarily until the below project is completed and I can then remove it totally).

I'm looking forward to your comments, on which mobo, ram, graphics card I should go for with the above limited hardware that I have? I'm currently shortlisting something along the lines of I7 3770K, 8GB ram, 7750 fanless (or any fastest fanless graphics model out there), and whatever optical bluray and SSD that works.... do I need a good sound card to get coaxial pass thru? To me (subjectively) I prefer coaxial over optical connection to my receiver as it sounds better in pure stereo, I hope whichever setup I go, I can truly enjoy a true audio passthrough (bypassing windows upsampling) though....

I don't intend to play much high end games, I do however from time to time process raw files using software like photomatix, adobe CS, raw converter to process my photos, but most of my time on this HTPC is to watch 1080p movies... this HTPC will be permanently connected via HDMI to my new Onkyo home theater video upscale capable receiver and connected to a pair of Dali's and future upgrades to additional center and rear, and 46 inch hi def LED toshiba...

Note that I'm using WD My Book Live 3TB as NAS and don't need any HDD for storage.

But the biggest question that prompts me into asking here, after having searched through many countless sites is this, where can I find someone who can custom make an additional CW-02's top cover with perfectly machined perforated slotted holes, to replace the current CW-02 top cover? I can then run entire fanless setup soon, and remove the last 120mm case fan for good... (my dream is still the A-Tech Fabrication Heatsync 7000, but the last time I checked my bank account tells me otherwise).

Or should I just order the additional top cover direct from silverstone? I don't think they will offer that though.

If I get this done, I'll then keep away the top cover of CW-02 permanently.
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