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Sim2 Crystal 45 Single Chip DLP Lights Up Football Stadium!

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OK. Just kidding about the football stadium.

But I read that Amir has demoed one and he states it lit up a 16 foot screen in good fashion, with a MSRP of $9,000. (But add screen, speakers, audio gear, etc and you can easily break the forum's 20K barrier)

Is this a breakthrough projector for our current economic recession?
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Steve, the limit is for MSRP of individual items, not complete set-ups;-). Is that 'review' in the over 3K forum? Don't go there often, only this big bucks forum, or the opposite, the budget forum, or the dwindeling 'bottom feeders' section where I belong #16, LOL.
I just saw this projector in a dealer's showroom on a 123" with all the lights on and open double doors to the rear letting outside light in. It was as bright as a flat panel TV. Decent contrast too. The optics were not on par with that of the Lumis, but a few years back this kind of performance would have cost $20K.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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