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Sim2 HT300 Link rocks !

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I have hung my 3rd HT300 LInk as of this week.. Oh my lord is this piece nice.

The fiber optic processor and the single fiber cable to the projector head is amazing. This certainyl seperates the men from the boys. This is true Lossless video no what how far away the video processor is.

The color vibrancy and overall picture is stunning. The Ht300 Plus was very very nice and we really enjoyed it alot but this Link is outrageous. We notice substantial changes on the overall picture most likely do to the new HD2Plus chipset. Blacks are perfect and the color is scary good.

We did get to see the HT500 3 chip at the show and I must tell you that it was off the deep end but for half the price the Link is great.

Don't under estimate Sim2, they are doing very well and they have a projector in every price class..

Go Sim2

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Thanks for the report!! What is the date of your Link's manufacture??

-- Cain
You mentioned more than one projector you have hung, did you have problems with an earlier link and this is the latest improved unit. If so what are the improvements? Thanks Greg
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