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I have a Sim2 HT300, I have a service question regarding it. I hope there's a technician out there that might be able to tell me what the problem may be before I send it back to Sim. My lamp went out after about 5000 hrs. Due to the cost of a lamp replacement, I went without my unit for about 6 months. I used to fire the unit up in order to see if I had any brightness left, but nothing. The unit would fire up, but no light. OK, 6 months later I got a new lamp. I put the new lamp in and now my HT300 doesn't fire up. When I turn on the power button, there's no lights in the black flashing at all. However, I do hear a low high pitch sound that kinda sounds like a alarm going off or like your car turning over and it won't start. I put the old lamp back in to see if the same problem would occur with the old lamp. Sure enough, nothing but the same sound and no lights on or flashing in the rear of the projector. I did replace the fuses in the back of the projector near the power. Maybe the projector sitting for 6 months without using it did something? Has anyone ever experience this or know what might be wrong. I'd hate to send it back to Flordia if it might be something simple. Thank you all in advance.

I just got off the phone with Sim and sure enough they said send it in. Estimates are free, but labor charges if they fix it is automatically $225. Used to be you could e-mail support and they would e-mail back with might be the problem and if it was the cost to fix it. Now, they don't even mess with that part or side of customer service. You just have to send it in, that's why I'm hoping someone here in the forum might have a clue? Maybe now is the time to save the money and get a new projector. My current one with the lamp replacement of $500 and sending it in for service is getting expensive. :)
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