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Sim2 SVP 420 Hb

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A little help needed...

I am have no idea if I should get the SIM2 SVP 420 HB ($1k) or just wait... I have been reading the pro's/con's of each manufacturer and am just over whelmed with the information that is available on CRTs. It appears the SIM is pretty large in Europe and pretty scarce here in the states.

I currently have a Infocus X1 and have out grown this projector. It was great for about 60 hours, but rainbows, lack of resolution, and nasty unnatural colors have made me want to get into CRTs. I even tried a ND2 lense, but this is just not the experience that I am looking for in HT.

Since I have the ability to put the HT in my basement, I can play with light control and screen sizes. I only use two sources, DVD for widescreen movies (currently 720p) and OTA HDTV.

Any advice is greatly appreciated...

My "WAF" approved budget for the projector is around $1k

Suggestions so far have been:

- Sony 12XX models

- Barco 808


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Waf factor is important :)

I tried to buy An x1 for wife and kids for video games and after almost forty minutes they were almost at the point of throwing up. It turns out we were all very sensitive to rainbows and dlp artifacts .

I would Go with 8" EM focus at the minimum with today's prices .

Ps the bad news is the X1 has higher ansi CR than those models you listed, a very important spec to know . :)

PSS just a CRT joke, no need to correct or to confirm !! just an harmless joke not meant to mis represent any facts . :)
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OK, I am a BIG fan of Seleco/Sim2 and Barco projectors - mainly because they are ones I have worked with in the past.........

Yes you are right Sim2 in europe was much more popular.

BUT, with $1K budget I would look at what PJ's are actually available, and the quality of tubes in each........the 420 will give an excellent picture, and if you want to play you can upgrade to colour filtered lens set. It should I think also have an inbuilt line doubler so need to buy one - some people will say an external one is better - ask them if they "just read" that or owner both themself? I have owned both - the picture on the 420 will be fine - yes could be better but fine for $1K is I think where you need to be.

An 808 Barco - great machine, and better than the seleco yes BUT twice the size.

Ease of setup - the Seleco.

Ease of parts Barco.

BUT you should think of them both as reliable - over here (UK) I still buy most of my parts from the US Barco parts that is.....

so possibly still a 50/50 decision BUT.....

Hours on tubes and tube condition - that is THE MOST important thing, one poor tube in an 8" unit and a good 7" will beat it for picture..........
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So I am the new owner of a SIM2 SVP 420 HB CRT. Supposedly the unit has no hours on it. The seller charges an additonal $100 for setup to match your screen size. I wonder how this works since CRTs have to be tweaked when they are installed, from what I have read. Hey, don't kill me - I am real new to CRTs.

The final price was $995 + $145 s/h from Florida. It isn't the cheapest that I could of purchased, but it is new and meets the WAF criteria. I hope that this will lead to getting a 9" inch CRT in the future, if this catches on. :D fingers are crossed.

I am the owner of a lightly used (66 hour) Infocus x1 (w/ Faroudja Chipset) digital flashlight. Yes, the rainbows, un-natural colors, and resolution are the reason to get into the CRT world. Hey, I tried a ND2 filter, screen, AVIA and THX DVD to tweak the digital flashlight will not much visible improvements. I even upgraded the firmware. Oh well, all ends well with only a few hours of my life consumed.
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