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TL;DR: My speakers sound like crap when I hook them up to my new-to-me TV, and I do not have (or want) a receiver, so I need something like a simple equalizer with RCA connections to sit between my TV and my Audioengine A5+ speakers. Please help!!

Long form:

Hi there,

I hope I've come to the right place... I have a pretty obscure problem and I haven't been able to find a solution after days of Googling. A similar post led me to this forum and I'm hoping you can help me!

My TV setup is pretty minimal: I've got a Panasonic Viera TV, Apple TV, and Audioengine A5+ speakers and sub. I keep the AppleTV and my Harmony remote hub inside a drawer to minimize unsightly cables or blinking electronics, and I like it that way! (I'm a single woman living alone, I want it to be pretty! In other words, no giant receiver or amp or anything else if I can avoid it) :)

I recently inherited my brother's Panasonic Viera TV, and the built-in bass and treble adjustments affect only the built-in speaker, but not my Audioengines. I love the Audioengines, but ever since I switched to this TV, the sound is crap, way too midtone heavy.

Ideally I want a very simple eq with RCA connections to put between my TV and the speakers and tweak the sound a little.

The closest thing I have found is the Lepai LP-2020A+, but that is also an amp, which I do not need. Would it work to use the Lepai along with a "hi/low speaker to RCA converter"?? Although it seems pretty silly to amplify and then de-amplify.

I'm also considering the Behringer MINIFBQ FBQ800, but honestly even that is overkill for me. And I'm worried it wouldn't fit inside my drawer. :eek:

There *must* be a better way!! Please share your knowledge!

I'm really hoping to figure out a solution before the Game of Thrones premiere :)

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