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Looking for some ideas for a sound bar with a sub out for my mom.  I set her up with a Vizio VSB200 connected to a 10” sub and it sounded great but it wasn’t reliable - only lasted ~3 months.  


She has a 42” TV on an articulated mount in the corner and the Vizio fit perfectly underneath with a pair of brackets attached behind the TV.  I’m a bit put-off by Vizio though and don’t want my mom to have to deal with anymore problems.


So in a nutshell I’m looking for: simple to operate, reliable, sub out, and mount options to put it under the TV with brackets.  


Hoping to stay under $200 because we’re just tying to improve the sound and volume over TV speakers and don’t want a lot of extra features.  An analog input would be fine, almost preferable, but optical in would work too.  In most regards the VSB200 was perfect but there are few available and I'm not confident I’ll get a good one next time.  


Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
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