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Hello to all AVS members... I am a new member from Indonesia...this is my first thread (been lurking around reading), just want to share my dedicated HTR pics here...

pardon me for my language since English is not my first language here..

feel free to comment on the system though...any responses, comments and questions are welcomed, thank you.

sorry by the way for the blurry pics:)

the equipments list are as follow:

- 92" Stewart Firehawk.

- Infocus SP8602 projector.

- Denon Avc-A1HD AVR.

- Denon dbp 2010 bluray Player.

- Velodyne Deq-15R subwoofer.

- Kef iq90 as main, iq60c as center channel, and q8ds as surround channel (5.1 system).

- Mains conditioner and power cabel by Isotek

- Wiring by Chord cable.

thanks you for visiting guys.
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