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I am looking for some suggestions...

I just got a new HD TV and am looking for a solution for some new speakers. My

family room has a high vaulted ceiling and no rear wall (it backs up to a dining

room and kitchen - its all open like one room). So I really can not install a full 5

speaker set up. But I wanted to see what the best options are for me. Right now

I have a 2 year old bose321 system that has done a decent job. But that will be

replaced soon with a new HD/upconvert DVD player.

I would like to use a 2 speaker or 3 speaker set up to provide good sound for

DVDs and TV. It would also be super-cool if it could simulate surround sound. I

have seen a few units discussed on this forum and wanted to see what units

other people are using and if they like them or not.

One other option for me would be to use the panasonic "clip on" speakers

that match the TV, TY-SP42P8W-K. Im guessing these will only supply minimal

performance though. Anyone use these?

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