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Sinclair WB HD audio VERY out of sync - Nationally?

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Before the moderators move this the local forum I'd like to see if this is a national problem and perhaps catch the attention if MisterDTV to see if anything will be done about it.

The WB HD programming on KVWB is completely unwatchable because the audio is at best very out of sync with the video. It's like watching a badly dubbed Kung Fu movie. It's been like this for months. Worse it sometimes comes with an bonus screeching metallic tone. In fact as a write this even the usually watchable sd upconvert of local programming is replaced with a black screen and the metallic tone of dread. I guess we get what we pay for with Sinclair Free OTA HDTV. I bet if Cox was paying for the signal KVWB would care about the quality of the HDTV signal they send out.
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WB on WNAB in Nashville is also owned by Sinclair and the audio is very out of sync. It's pretty much unwatchable.
Is it a Sinclair problem that occurs with other Networks, or just the combination of Sinclair and WB?
I haven't seen a problem with Sinclair and FOX. I have only seen it with Sinclair and the WB, and only on some shows.
I haven't noticed any recent problems with WB audio(including DD 5.1) during WB HD from WSTR-DT Cincinnati , Sinclair O&O ... I haven't watched all the WB HD shows lately however ... They did have some audio problems when they first started passing WB HD last fall, but so did another WB station(not sinclair) in the area that began providing WB HD about a week later.

WKEF-DT, ABC HD Dayton(Sinclair O&O) has had "kung fu" movie audio sync problem during ABC HD the past week or so however .. A couple of us have contacted them, I hope the message has gotten through ... I doubt it's "directly" related, but I did notice the problem started occuring just after they changed their PSIP info to allow receivers to see them to "remap" to their analog channel number for the first time around last thrusday or so/etc ..... They did have it fixed for last 25 Minutes of HD "Lost" wed night, but, it was "messed up" again when Alias started, and I noticed it was still messed up last night throughout ABC programming (local programming is fine, including local ad inserts during ABC HD programming) .....
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I think another question for this issue is how long has the Sinclear station been broadcasting HD? Is it a learning factor or what?

We have a Sinclear owned ABC station (WEAR) that just when to HD about two-three weeks ago. They had a bad problem with audio sync after getting HD, but appear to have got it under control. "Appear" because after I got to watch only a show or two, they went off the air because of transmission line problems (they went from about 20 kW ERP to 1 MW ERP at the same time they went HD).

If all Sinclear stations are using the same HD equipment and they all have a sync problem, then that's equipment related. If it because Sinclear stations are just now going on the air and having to work out the bugs, then they are just going thro the same learning curve that a lot of other stations have already gone thro 2-4 years ago when they went HD .
The Sinclair ABC Affiliate in Dayton I referred to above (WKEF-DT) has been on air(With HD) since approximately 2/8/02, at that time they were NBC HD affiliate, with NBC HD for 2002 HD olympics from SLC. They changed affiliations to ABC on 8/31/04. They've(and a co-located Fox digital station operated by Sinclair via LMA) had constant problems of one sort or another throughout their entire history of being on the air, probably moreso than any other stations in the area.

The Sinclair WB station in Cincinnati has been on air since late 2002, they began sending WB HD Fall 2004. They've rarely had any problems that I've noticed ...

I personally don't think we can draw any real conclusions from any of this without more information ... I would venture a guess in most cases we are dealing with local station issues, but who knows ...
From another thread.

Originally posted by j_buckingham80
You think it's bad having an audio problem on the WB, Here in Sacto, Sinclair operates KOVR the CBS affiliate, and while they blame the national feed, they seem to be 5 minutes behind in setting up the DD, so the show starts for 5-7 with stereo surround, and oddly, no Center Channel information (or something like that) so that all dialogue is lost.
It's beginning to look like Sinclair has audio problems nationally on their non-Fox stations. And RickRS, I wish it was growing pains, but KVWB has been HD for 4 months. If Sinclair is serious about their Free OTA HDTV stance they need to make their stations actually watchable on a consistent basis. If they aren't going to bother than please stop passing the HD and just upconvert the analog so we can at least watch the network shows.
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