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Single box speaker for TV?

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(I originally posted this in the HTIB section but this may be a better place.)

I'm thinking about looking for something for my girlfriend's TV. I have a fairly high end setup myself so I don't usually pay much attention to the stuff intended for "normal" folks who want something basic with minimal decor impact. Surround sound is NOT the goal; my goal is to just improve on the crappy TV speakers with something that is as minimal an impact to her as possible. We've been watching Angel on DVDs and I can barely hear the dialog at times because the sound is so unbalanced (and she won't allow the volume over a very modest level because it's an apartment).

What would be perfect is the following:
  • Inexpensive -- under $200
  • One box, similar to a (small) traditional center channel
  • EASY TO USE -- transparent integration would be best, but something that doesn't require much switching/control
  • Can integrate easily with a basic DVD player/Cable/TV (no cable box)
  • Probably needs to be powered

I'm aware of the Niro 1.1 but even if it's close to what I'm looking for it's way too expensive. There might not be anything exactly like what I'm looking for, but if anyone has suggestions that come close to the above criteria I'd appreciate it!
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I guess you could build something integrated a plate amp mounted to the back of a box w/ some drivers up front... wouldn't be hard.

Most new TV"s have center out RCA's in the back. So if you could find a powered center channel you'd be in business.

Otherwise any center channel will do and you can just get a small radioshack amp to convert the L/R signal or center out into the center channel signal. It takes an RCA signal and amps it for a +- setup for speakers.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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