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I got a Polk F/X Wireless speaker to use for my surround channels. There were two things that appealed to me: it was a single unit that provided multiple surround channels and it was wireless. Basically, a rear soundbar. My room layout doesn't allow me to put separate speakers up in a typical surround configuration, so a single speaker that I could hide behind the couch seemed like a good enough solution. Due to the same layout restrictions, I didn't want to have multiple runs of speaker wire going across my floor, so wireless, again, seemed like it would offer a good enough level of quality. I'm not looking for fidelity; music goes through my front channels. I just want the ambient noises and rare dialog to actually be behind me.

The problem is that the wireless for the F/X sucks. It has a constant, loud hiss, it frequently drops audio, and it has loud pops. I'm still working with Polk support and they're going to send me a new transmitter, but I'm not holding out hope. So, I need a replacement. I've given up on wireless, so I've figured out a way to run some cables to the back of my couch that won't look awful (still not ideal). It'd be nice, but it is no longer a requirement for me. Likewise, the F/X was supposed to handle four channels, the surround and surround back, but I doubt that it could do a great job of that with only two speakers, so that also isn't a feature I need (plus, if it is wired, four speaker wire runs is really pushing it).

So, any suggestions? I'm debating whether I should just get a soundbar and set it back there, but the speaker setup is very different and I doubt it would work well (maybe if I lower my "good enough" standards to "better than nothing"). Does anybody else make a product like this? Should I just get two bookshelf speakers and point them away from the couch? This is the last piece in a home theater system I'm very proud of and it is a grating omission. Oh, and since I'm not very concerned with quality, I don't want to spend a bunch. I spent my $6k on the front. I got the F/X for $100 on Amazon (too good to be true) and I'd like to keep it below $300. When I move in a couple years, I'll hopefully be able to have real surround channels, so this is meant to be a stopgap until then (maybe I can move these to zone 2). Thanks for your help!
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